Enterprise application integration is becoming more critical in the hyper-competitive, ever-evolving business world. When you consider the approaches and ideologies surrounding this concept, you will agree that understanding EAI is essential for entrepreneurs. Having a clear picture of the importance of EAI will help your business maximize its benefits to the fullest.

Businesses at different stages of their development use EAI to facilitate their business operations. This is because it presents them with the opportunity to integrate everything, from hardware systems to software solutions. Continue reading this post to find out why enterprise application integration is important to businesses.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Explained

Importance of EAI
EAI plays a huge role in the success of businesses these days

To fully grasp the importance of EAI, we must first understand what it means. Enterprise application integration is a framework that allows businesses to bridge the gaps across different software applications. It facilitates data flow across these applications and provides businesses with a platform to properly manage workflows.

When companies correctly implement and use EAI, they can realize the complete potential of their investments in the applications they use. This is because it allows them full access to data that helps to improve productivity and increase efficiency.

Some of the applications that require integration include:

  • Business Intelligence.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • E-commerce systems.
  • Human Resources.
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Importance of EAI to Businesses

EAI presents businesses, regardless of their development stage, with several exciting benefits. This section will beam the spotlight on some of the most important benefits of EAI to businesses.

Reduced complexity

It isn’t uncommon to find enterprise-level companies adopting a wide array of applications to handle their processes. The challenge is that many times, they experience a lot of difficulty with properly implementing and efficiently using these solutions. Usually, the learning curve is quite steep, which means the applications aren’t properly implemented. EAI removes these roadblocks resulting from complexities and makes it easy to combine functionality and information from diverse applications on a single platform.

Process automation

EAI helps to streamline different processes from an array of software applications. An example is integrating the data from customer relationship management software with an email marketing platform. This way, a business can send messages to customers based on demographics or previous behavior. Automating different processes increases operational efficiency and reduces human involvement. With less human involvement, the chances of making business-endangering mistakes drops to the barest minimum.

Increased agility

This is arguably one of the most important benefits of EAI to businesses. With the rapid nature of the business environment, businesses need to recognize opportunities quickly and respond as promptly as possible. The only way to truly actualize this is by adopting EAI for their processes. With EAI, you can address market shifts, supply chain disruptions, reputation management issues, etc. via a single platform.

Information sharing

EAI facilitates information flow across different software applications. This information flow can be within a company or between the company and external stakeholders. It also consolidates data collection efforts and eliminates redundancies that may arise from each application collecting and storing its data. With this, employees don’t spend so much time locating and applying data for daily operations.

Switch to EAI Today

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