Effective Data Management

We provide a wide range of solutions to protect, describe,
awaken, and understand the most important asset
of any organization – Data.

A data-oriented company that supports organizations in making data-driven decisions across their supply chain.

We aid your organization in making accurate data-driven decisions through our unique RISE framework.


Reduction of waste, thereby facilitating better utilization of resources in your organization.


Improve organization efficiency by promoting data accessibility timeliness and accuracy.


Streamlining and automating your processes inside and across your organizational boundaries, enabling stakeholders collaboration.


Eliminate "Data" Silos which we enable better management and use of data more effectively across an organization.

About the company

Adept Engineering, Inc. is a  information technology (IT) consulting firm that specializes in the delivery of data management solutions. Adept has also been able to provide a range of solutions to protect, describe, awaken, understand the most important asset of any organization – Data.


Adept Engineering Solutions is an 8(a) certified company.

Our Services

Data Integration

Facilitate the process by which different sources can seamlessly share data.

Data Security

Protect our clients' data while in motion and at rest using key-based cryptography.

Data Quality

Ensure accuracy, completeness and reliability of data for decision-making and planning by instituting source of truth.

Data Engineering

Assist in building data systems that organize data that can later be used for critical decision applications.

Data Storage

Provide facility for long-term storage and retrieval of data (electronic/paper).

Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

Enable and support the use of analytics and reporting of organizational data to deliver business insight.

Data Observability

Our data observability service helps you assess the health of the data in your organization.

Why Choose Us?

As a company with over 25 years, we are a company guided by principles and values that allows us make an indelible and lasting impact on our clients, developing and deploying differentiated solutions that solve some of their biggest challenges around data management.

Through our unique solutions, we help your organization stay informed and make data-driven decisions

Check out our four key solutions below.


Investing in an EDI solution is one of the most important things you must do for your organization’s value chain. And so, it is important to choose the right EDI service partner. We help your business move from the paper-based transfer of documents and data to electronic-based. With this solution, we help you reduce errors, reduce operational costs, increase security, increase collaboration and productivity, improve business relationships, improve data quality, and so much more.


Our MFT solution is designed to help your organization securely transfer data internally, externally, or ad-hoc. We devise proper MFT strategies to help keep your data safe while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. At Adept Engineering, we enable you to securely share different types of data through administrative controls, digital certificates and signatures, and security protocols such as HTTPS, HTTP, SFTP, FTPS, AS2, and so on within and beyond your organization. This also gives you adequate control over how your data moves as an organization. 

Zero Trust

Here, we help you create the Zero Trust strategies that assign the least required access for your files or data. More organizations are adopting Zero Trust because of the security challenges faced in organizations, especially with remote work policies in place and cyberattack on the rise. Now more than ever, it is essential to tackle the issue of insider threats by prioritizing Zero Trust. The approach of Zero Trust is that no one or device should have implicit trust, as everyone and every device must prove to be trusted. This implements a system where verification is needed across all levels, and it is continuously done. This helps to combat insider threats

Clearing House

Our data clearing house solution enables your organization effectively collect, store, and share data regardless of the size of your organization and how much data you work with. We foster effective data sharing within and outside of your organization safely and securely, internally and externally. In addition, with our clearing house solution, you can safely collect, store, and share information and metadata

Our Clients

The number of clients, breadth of work and results we have achieved is a true testament of our expertise, experience, and superior client relationships. Below are some of our current and past clients that we have supported in various capacities.