Zero Trust Solution

Here, we help you create the Zero Trust strategies that assign the least required access for your files or data. More organizations are adopting Zero Trust because of the security challenges faced in organizations, especially with remote work policies in place and cyberattack on the rise. Now more than ever, it is essential to tackle the issue of insider threats by prioritizing Zero Trust.

The approach of Zero Trust is that no one or device should have implicit trust, as everyone and every device must prove to be trusted. This implements a system where verification is needed across all levels, and it is continuously done. This helps to combat insider threats. In May 2021, the White House declared that the federal government must adopt a Zero Trust system to fight against security attacks. This made Zero Trust more prominent in society. The five pillars of Zero Trust include Identity, Device, Network, Application Workload, and Data.

At Adept Engineering, we help you create policies, processes, and strategies that cut across these five pillars while holding your hand to help you implement these strategies at the right time across your organization.