Government Services

Data Security

Throughout the data lifecycle, your data has the tendency to fall into the wrong hands, whether internally or externally.

Data Integration

With our data integration service, we help you collect and integrate data from multiple sources into a central place for your use.

Government Solutions

MFT (Managed File Transfer) Solution

Our MFT solution is designed to help your organization securely transfer data internally, externally, or ad-hoc.

Zero Trust Solution

We help you create the Zero Trust strategies that assign the least required access for your files or data.


54151S – Information Technology Professional Services.

541611 – Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition and Grants Management Support, and Business Program and Project Management Services.


541511 – Custom Computer Programming Services
541512 – Computer Systems Design Services
541513 – Computer Facilities Management Services
541519 – Other Computer Related Services
541330 – Engineering Services
541611 – Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
541614 – Process, Physical Distribution, And Logistics Consulting Services
541618 – Other Management Consulting Services
561311– Employment Placement Agencies
561312 – Executive Search Services
561320 – Temporary Help Services
561330 – Professional Employer Organizations
611420 – Computer Training