MFT (Managed File Transfer) Solution

Our MFT solution is designed to help your organization securely transfer data internally, externally, or ad-hoc. We devise proper MFT strategies to help keep your data safe while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

At Adept Engineering, we enable you to securely share different types of data through administrative controls, digital certificates and signatures, and security protocols such as HTTPS, HTTP, SFTP, FTPS, AS2, and so on within and beyond your organization. This also gives you adequate control over how your data moves as an organization.

Investing in the right MFT solution also helps you to remove duplicate and unsecured tools in your organization. From a central point of administration, you will be able to automate and transfer day across your organization in a safe and secure manner. It helps you move large files quickly and can be used in any industry and company size. Likewise, it creates centralized and streamlined transfers, is reliable, enhances visibility and reporting, and so on.