Experts speculate that the global digital transformation market size should reach $1,548.9 billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 21.1%. The digital transformation market was valued at $594.5 billion in 2022.

Digital transformation is essential to how companies operate, and Cloud computing and DevOps seem to be the winning combination in recent times. Both technologies present unique benefits to companies. While Cloud Computing involves technology and services, DevOps focuses on process, culture, and continuous improvement.

Our world is evolving very quickly, making the need for competition in different industries almost impossible to avoid. Companies are investing in improving their abilities to anticipate the expectations of their target audiences. Doing this helps them deliver high-quality, practical, and innovative solutions while maintaining a competitive edge.

About Cloud Computing

Businesses require expansion beyond geographical and physical barriers. This birthed the need for cloud computing. It presented a means of communication between companies and employees on a platform that facilitated data sharing, calls, messaging, meetings, and lots more. Other key benefits of cloud computing include cost and time savings as well as improvement of company and individual performance.

Examples of cloud-based databases include Azure, Google, and AWS. These platforms presented the flexibility required to play with numbers by analyzing loads of business data, evaluating techniques and performance analytics, and assessing meaningful insights. They helped organizations maximize both revenues and performance.

About DevOps

DevOps applies network management concepts while facilitating cooperation between operating teams and technology. It reduces silos and differences through the removal of disparities between business roles and developers. Through this, it promotes transparency and consistency within organizations to yield optimal results.

Cloud Computing and DevOps Working Together

In simple terms, “Cloud Computing” plus “DevOps” equals “Digital Transformation.” While Cloud computing is key in services and software, DevOps is essential to performance improvement. Businesses must understand how to combine Cloud Computing and DevOps to attain digital transformation.

Some of the ways by which Cloud Computing and DevOps can accelerate digital transformation include:


Both Cloud Computing and DevOps are great for business, but knowing which one you should invest in is essential. Adept Engineering Solutions can help you make your choice through our over 20 years of experience in this sector. Send us a message today to get started.